Welcome to Sarah’s Garden, accepting a world filled with both good and evil. Some days I feel like a weeping willow other days I have just blossomed into a beautiful peony. Both good and evil flowers can represent beauty, it just takes a certain eye to find it. My journey of life can be represented…

COVID Full Time Dog Mom

I am sitting at my computer, doing my own personal work, when my two little fur babies decide to leave their snoring father, in bed, to join me. Time frame, it’s 9:00 PM, yeah, we are lame. Now, the dogs are whining by my side – yay company; no, they only want ME because I…

Blueberry: Friend or Foe?

FRIEND. Blueberries carry many great health benefits to help your pet. They are high in antioxidants which reduce aging on the brain! These antioxidants also prevent molecular and cellular damage – not too sure what happens when they are damaged, but lets just assume it’s bad. Contain high levels of vitamin c and fiber. They…


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About Me

Welcome, I’m Sarah and the little boy next to me is my dog, Sawyer! For the past four years he has been by my side giving me inspiration and loads of kisses. I’m a SCAD grad with a degree in Fashion Marketing.

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