Welcome to Sarah’s Garden, accepting a world filled with both good and evil. Some days I feel like a weeping willow other days I have just blossomed into a beautiful peony. Both good and evil flowers can represent beauty, it just takes a certain eye to find it. My journey of life can be represented as a Garden never knowing what will bloom.

As a little girl I grew up in a Bed & Breakfast in Savannah, Georgia, named Sarah’s Garden, as guests saw me playing in the garden. Savannah is also home to the novel “The Garden of Good and Evil,” it only made sense to interpret these meanings into my own life. Representing myself as a garden feels good, because even on a bad day, atleast I feel like I am growing.

I am motivated by growth. Knowledge feeds me into feeling I am becoming a more wholesome person. I grow by sewing, cooking, bonding with my dogs and learning more about them.

As stated earlier, I am from Savannah, Georgia. Such a fabulous city! Living in a bed & breakfast in such a romantic place was a DREAM. I have a degree in Fashion Marketing & Management from the Savannah College of Art and Design – what an incredible school (10/10 recommend). Upon graduating, my cocker spaniel, Sawyer, and I moved to Texas to be with my boyfriend, Sterling, and his boxer, Laila. So now, I have two fur babies that I spoil like crazy.

I am 24 and still learning this thing called life. COVID has not helped my progression in finding a career in fashion, neither has living in a small Texas town. Some days I wake up and I say today is not the day, feeling discouraged. Recently, I decided to take charge of my life and DO THINGS. FINISH THINGS. START NEW THINGS. GROW. I start a million little things and never go back to them.

So here I am, reviving a former “dog mom blog” from my senior thesis. Transforming Sarah’s Garden into a lifestyle blog providing fashion (things I sew and things I style), food (huge foodie, I love to cook), and. my fur babies (my pride and joys) ! I hope to be a platform to inspire and assist others on their good days and bad days.

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