COVID Full Time Dog Mom

I am sitting at my computer, doing my own personal work, when my two little fur babies decide to leave their snoring father, in bed, to join me. Time frame, it’s 9:00 PM, yeah, we are lame. Now, the dogs are whining by my side – yay company; no, they only want ME because I am awake. This is how it is has been since I stopped working due to COVID 19.

It is very much past my dogs’ bedtime, but Laila is behind me throwing her bone to play fetch by herself. To control my little dog, Sawyer, I put him on my desk chair with me, spiraling him around to calm him down. As if he is a baby in a bassinet (those bounce, right? – Not a baby expert). These little dogs know how to work me. Any other day of the week they would be sleeping by now, but because I am up, they have to be too. Which is kind of nice considering the loyalty… But the need for attention can’t do now, that is why I took the time to work now, at night rather than during the day when they are awake.

In many homes, COVID has shifted schedules and responsibilities. Parents became teachers overnight; for that, I am blessed my children are dogs. My patience has been tested by these two. As I said before, THEY KNOW HOW TO WORK ME – which is hilarious. They physically communicate to express everything they want and need (mostly it’s just the things they want).

For instance, Sawyer whines “err-err” then proceeds to move, looking back to ensure I am following. He nods his head to the item he wants. It could be the bed where he waits for me to lift him up – easy enough or the pantry where the treats are… I cave every time.

I try to please my fur babies to the best of my abilities while putting a stern foot down when needed. Unfortunately, I am not the disciplinarian – that’s my boyfriend, Sterling’s job. The dogs know this very much – and abuse my loving care.

A visual of our morning walks start with Laila and Sawyer pulling me in altered directions. Golf carts pass by causing Sawyer to freak out, pulling in the opposite direction of Laila. While this is happening, and I am stuck holding leashes going in different directions, Laila (somehow) slips out of her harness!!! There I am with a scared dog trying to run away from golf carts – which could lead him in the street – and a naked dog, whom I have to be cautious towards other dogs/ squirrels. Don’t get me started on the squirrels because that’s truly a nightmare. I do try to discipline them, but it does not work. * I’m like yay Laila independence, but also, you’re safe with me. Sawyer is just an unnormal circumstance for a dog. This happens again an hour later when Sawyer “err-err’s” me and drags me towards the stairs.

I love these puppies to my heart’s content and would do anything, including the morning walks, for them, and for that, I keep doing it. As I finish writing, (something I hadn’t intended on doing) I find my sweet pups sound asleep.


I love them, and they love me and that is ALL that matters.


Until next time,

Mom of 4 paws X (Now) Mom of 8 Paws (Gonna need a new name soon because that sounds silly)

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