Blueberry: Friend or Foe?

FRIEND. Blueberries carry many great health benefits to help your pet.

They are high in antioxidants which reduce aging on the brain! These antioxidants also prevent molecular and cellular damage – not too sure what happens when they are damaged, but lets just assume it’s bad.

Contain high levels of vitamin c and fiber.

They have high photochemical levels which fight against cancer.

Whenever you give your pet a new treat always use caution as they could have digestive sensitivity to new foods. Blueberries are great given as treats since they are so small. Make sure to wash before feeding. You can buy fresh blueberries or go ahead and get them frozen. If you’re baking some treats feel free to throw them in!

Sawyer loves blueberries! I believe he finds satisfaction in the texture. He gets confused by the softness and then the explosion of flavor. I have never seen him so eager to eat anything and good news, it’s healthy. Ditch your store bought, unknown, treats for some healthy fruit! Best of all you can share a snack with your best friend.

This weekend make sure to pick up some blueberries to share with your pup!

Sawyer says, “Mom give me the dang blueberry!”


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