The Mom and The Dog

A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself “Josh Billings”

There’s never a right time to do anything. At least in my life. I always seem to find excuses. Photoshoots, buying a cap and gown, making dog clothes, etc. Life always seems to be crazy, I can barely keep up.

But, I decided today’s the day.

I have a lot to tell and I hope you’re ready for it. Based off the love I share for my dog, I plan on sharing our stories, as well as, stories from others. To give tips and experiences helping others in silly times or serious situations. Whether it’s deciding if your dog can eat a blueberry to something life threatening. Helping people love their fur baby to the highest capability. I hope to invite dog owners to share their stories that they cannot bare to live without.

Here I am, The Mom. I am the loving mother to a little, three year old cocker spaniel named Sawyer. He is my pride and joy. For my senior capstone I decided to embark on creating a dog company. Clearly something I have a passion for. A blog seemed the best way to share my journey, as well as, hear tips from real life dog owners!! My target customer, can you believe it?! I wanted to hear what real life dog owners wanted to see in their dog products.

Creating my company as a millennial, dog mom, made me realize what I wanted to fix in the current dog market. Therefore, I invite you in my journey as I go forward! Hoping for a lot of ups and not too many downs as I venture into this doggy world.

Signing off,

xoxo Sawyer’s Mom

(yes gossip girl reference, yes I finished series last night, and yes I am currently rewatching)

PICTURES: It was 70-85 degrees this week so Sawyer finally got his tan on.

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